The Tastiest Potatoes to Grow

This is the hardest question to answer

We are often asked "What are the tastiest potatoes to grow?"

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What are the tastiest potatoes to grow?  We are asked this so often and it is such a subjective question and it is always hard to recommend a few varieties. It really depends on how you like to eat your potatoes. The three types are Floury, Waxy and smooth. As a general rule, most potatoes tend to fall into one of two categories; floury or waxy.

Waxy potatoes hold their shape and have a firm bite, so they’re great for salads or simply boiled and dressed with butter. Floury potatoes, on the other hand, fluff up when they’re cooked, making them perfect for chips, roast potatoes or baking. But there are varieties that fall in the centre, holding both waxy and firm qualities and these are defined as smooth. These make great all-rounders, and tend to have the creamy consistency needed for a smooth mash.

The Best Potatoes For Beginners to Grow

Our list of tastiest potatoes to grow comes from our family and we’d love to see what you think!  If you buy all five of our suggestions, you will get £1 off each net – although if you don’t like our suggestions, any five varieties will give you this discount.

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Our favourites - for now!  This family list changes often.

Five tastiest Potatoes for you to grow

Getting away from supermarket varieties is one of the joys of growing your own vegetables.

If you like all five of our recommendations you can get £1 off each net (6 tuber or 1kg) - but you can pick any variety

This list is just some suggestions for you - and shows that there is no right or wrong way to pick your potato!  We have an entire page for the best roast potato to grow! Do you agree or disagree with this list? We would love to hear about your favourites on our Facebook page.  Whichever potato you grow will be the best and will taste far better than any bought from a shop and growing your own allows you to try many varieties not widely available to buy for consumption.

How do you like to cook eat your potatoes? They taste better if you grow them first!

We as a family are so lucky that we get to try so many different varieties and this list is in no way definitive and it does change! You can browse our entire collection by cooking type to find something to suit. We have lots of information to help you chose which potato to grow, as well as a great FAQ on how to grow potatoes. We are here to help at any time with your potato questions.

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*Each year, a few varieties are sourced from other local growers to complete our range. This is noted on a tab on the variety page.

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