The Best Scab Resistant Potatoes

We are often asked about the Best Scab Resistant Potatoes. Unfortunately, we don’t have a filter for scab resistant yet – that is a project for when it is quieter!  The information is there for each variety under a tab towards the foot of each product page under description, just not in a searchable format. All our disease results are from independent trials by Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB).

The advice on the RHS site on how to avoid and identify scab is a fantastic resource. They recommend choosing varieties that are scab resistant and we have several of their recommendations. Remember that no variety will have 100% resistance. It is also worth asking neighbours or fellow allotment growers at your plot for their recommendations as anecdotal evidence may carry weight locally.

The Best Scab Resistant Potatoes – Red King Edward

The Best Scab Resistant Potatoes

Red King Edward

Early Maincrop – 1916 Red version of the King Edward. Vigorous growing plant with few flowers, this rare heritage potato stores well and has excellent roasting and baking qualities.

An oval shape, red skin with white flushes and a floury texture.

Arran Pilot – a lovely first early

The Best Scab Resistant Potatoes

Arran Pilot

For amateur gardeners looking for a tasty first early variety it has been a top choice for many years. Taste delicious when harvested and served immediately.

The Best Scab Resistant Potatoes – Golden Wonder

The Best Scab Resistant Potatoes

Golden Wonder

Who hasn’t hear of Golden Wonder? A brown rough skinned tuber bred in Arbroath, Scotland. This potato has a very high dry matter, which can easily register over 25 per cent which makes it ideal for chipping. Invariably grown in Scotland and Ireland where the preference is for a floury taste, this potato benefits from the best flavour developing a few months after lifting. Making it ideal for the small grower who wishes to harvest and enjoy the rewards gradually.

Scab resistant –

The Best Scab Resistant Potatoes

Pentland Javelin

These potatoes were bred by a young Jack Dunnett back in 1968.  For years they have been considered to be one of the finest first earlies that you can grow.  Pentland Javelin produces heavy crops of short oval white-skinned tubers with pure white tasty flesh.  A great potato to put into the pan and boil and use for salads, Pentland Javelin also has good all-round disease resistance to common scab and blackleg.  It can be left in the ground longer than most first earlies to mature further giving a more floury potato.

This list is just some suggetions for you. However, you can browse our entire collection. We have lots of information to help you chose which potato to grow, as well as a great FAQ on how to grow potatoes. We are here to help at any time with your potato questions.

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