The Best Potatoes For Beginners to Grow

We suggest beginners grow "Earlies"

New To Growing Potatoes? We have selected 5 of the best potatoes for beginners to grow

Save £5 when you buy all five recommendations

We are often asked about the best potatoes for beginners to grow. Growing your own vegetables is a wonderful hobby - the taste of freshly harvested potatoes and peas eaten an hour after harvest is just amazing. Potatoes are a relatively easy crop to grow, but like all things that grow they are susceptible to diseases and "eating things". However, by choosing certain varieties, the beginner has more chance of success. We highly recommend "earlies" for beginners for two reasons - they are the quickest to mature and so enthusiasm will hopefully last and also they are likely to be harvested before blight sets it. Blight tends to occur later in the summer and can decimate a crop quite quickly and a beginner may not know what to look out for.

The great thing about growing your own produce is that you can begin to experiment with colours, flavours and textures. It does not take long to find what grows well in your area and what you like.

The Best Potatoes For Beginners to Grow

We have lots of advice and blogs for beginners – why not challenge a beginner friend to a potato Championchip for a bit of potato fun?  If you are growing for the first time we’d love to hear how you get on. Leave a comment on our Facebook page.

Standard white, mottled and through to subtle reds

Five Best Potatoes For Beginners to Grow

Different varieties than what is in supermarkets

Patio Sets are also great for beginners

We have done the hard work and prepared some patio sets for you, allowing you to try 3 different varieties to see what you like.

Bags are optional extras.

SAVE £5 when you buy two or more patio sets with bags or SAVE £3 when you buy two or more patio sets without bags. Applied automatically.
(not for Sarpo or Children's packs)

The Best Potatoes For Beginners to Grow
If you like all five of our recommendations you can get £1 off each net (6 tuber or 1kg) - but you can pick any variety

This list is just some suggestions for you. However, you can browse all the earlies and indeed our entire collection. If something takes your fancy, go for it!  Although earlies are especially recommended for beginners, potatoes are a relatively easy crop to grow and so if you like another variety not listed here, try it out.  We have lots of information to help you chose which potato to grow, as well as a great FAQ on how to grow potatoes. We are here to help at any time with your potato questions.

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*Each year, a few varieties are sourced from other local growers to complete our range. This is noted on a tab on the variety page.

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