The Best Potato To Grow For Roast Potatoes

We are often asked which is the best potato to grow for Roast Potatoes. Roast Potatoes are the centrepiece of your Sunday dinner or any special occasion. The forward planning to grow your own meal from scratch is incredible. We grow over 40 seed potato varieties that are deemed to be great for roasting – dry fluffy potatoes are ideal for roasting and tend to be main crops. We shouldn’t have favourites from our baby potatoes, but we have compiled a list which is Family Skea favourites and in no way is definitive! There are so many variables such as whether you like coloured potatoes. Here are seven out of our huge range, in no particular order that we (currently) love!

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The Best Potato To Grow For Roast Potatoes – Arran Victory

The Best Potato To Grow For Roast Potatoes

Arran Victory

One of our very popular Heritage varieties. Named on the Isle of Arran after the first World War, first marketed in 1918 and bred by Donald McKelvie. This round to oval tuber has consistently been popular with growers due to high yields and long seasons. Distinct blue/purple skin covers white flesh, which although it will mash well it does fall apart when boiling. They have a good earthy taste and make fantastic roasties. This is always on our Christmas Dinner Plate!

Arran Victory is in the Ark Of Taste listing. The Ark of Taste is a key international project of the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity. It aims to catalogue and promote quality products from around the world that are rooted in culture, history and tradition and that are in danger of disappearing. We are proud to have these potatoes in our repertoire and are working with the Ark of Taste to have more of our varieties listed.

Everyone’s Favourite – Golden Wonder

Best Potato To Grow For Roast Potatoes

Golden Wonder

Who hasn’t heard of Golden Wonder Potatoes? A brown rough skinned tuber bred in Arbroath, Scotland. This potato has a very high dry matter, which can easily register over 25 per cent which makes it ideal for chipping. Invariably grown in Scotland and Ireland where the preference is for a floury taste, this potato benefits from the best flavour developing a few months after lifting. Making it ideal for the small grower who wishes to harvest and enjoy the rewards gradually.

The Best Potato To Grow For Roast Potatoes – Edzell Blue

Best Potato To Grow For Roast Potatoes

Edzell Blue

A blue skinned and white fleshed potato which produces great flavoured and vibrant dishes in the kitchen when baked, mashed, fried and especially roast due to its floury nature.

This potato is also in the Ark of Taste listing.

The Best Potato To Grow For Roast Potatoes – Red King Edward

Best Potato To Grow For Roast Potatoes

Red King Edward

Early Maincrop – 1916 Red version of the King Edward. Vigorous growing plant with few flowers, this rare heritage potato stores well and has excellent roasting and baking qualities.

An oval shape, red skin with white flushes and a floury texture.

The Best Potato To Grow For Roast Potatoes – Highland Burgundy Red

Best Potato To Grow For Roast Potatoes

Highland Burgundy Red

Red skin and red flesh with a white ring under the skin. Producing moderate yields with high numbers of tubers per plant. Around since the 1930s and linked with the Duke of Burgundy through name. This red-skinned and red-fleshed variety is impressive from the start. A joy to specialist growers, it provides flavour which brightens up any dish. A real beauty – also good for home made chips and crisps!

This is another potato in the Ark of Taste Range.

New Kid on the Block – Mary’s Rose

The Best Potato To Grow For Roast Potatoes

Mary’s Rose

We are very excited to introduce this potato as it is a new homebred Skea Organics variety. Pink skin and white flesh, high yielding with good taste, it holds its shape very well, great for boiling, mashing and roasting.

A wonderful blue for your plate – Sarpo Blue Danube

Sarpo Blue Danube Seed Potato

Sarpo Blue Danube

Unique blue skin, white flesh Sarpo variety with excellent overall disease resistance. It’s ideal for roasting and chips because of its high dry matter. This makes a wonderful colourful addition to your plate

A fantastic recipe for Roast Potatoes

Recipe and picture from Love Potatoes

4 thoughts on “The Best Potato To Grow For Roast Potatoes

  1. Hi we live on the isle of mull , looking for what I should be planting.

  2. Hi Mark,
    Any of these above suggestions would do well on Mull. All our potatoes are from Scottish crops and do well across the UK. Anecdotally some might do slightly better in different soils, it is worth asking your neighbours. It really depends on what you like to eat.

  3. Hi, Just got a package of seed tatties from you, including Arran Victory. When should I plant them in north-west Aberdeenshire please?

    1. Hi Maggie, I *think* that we are ok to plant now in Sunny Scotland! Just check the weather forecast and make sure that there aren’t any localised frosts. When the tuber is still underground, it is protected by the soil, but when the shoots start to show you need to watch out and cover with shredded newspaper.

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