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One of our very popular Heritage varieties. Named on the Isle of Arran after the first World War, first marketed in 1918 and bred by Donald McKelvie. This round to oval tuber has consistently been popular with growers due to high yields and long seasons. Distinct blue/purple skin covers white flesh, which although it will mash well it does fall apart when boiling.  They have a good earthy taste and make fantastic roasties.

This variety is available as washed ware / table potatoes.  Looking for seed potatoes? Click for Arran Victory Seed.

Ware will be dispatched immediately – we will only have certain varieties available at certain times and can not do a delayed delivery.

Check out the recipes on the tab here.  We’d love to see pics of any cooked potatoes and if we use them on our web we will send you some seed potatoes.


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size of seed potatoes

  • Our 6-tuber nets of potatoes are packed by number, not weight and so there can be a variation on the size of the tubers in each net. Our 1kg nets are 1kg, but can also have variation in size of the tubers within that net.  There is an average of 12-14 tubers in a 1kg net.   But this can vary depending on variety and the harvest – we could supply only the mid sized tubers – but then what would we do with the larger and smaller ones – if they could not be sold we would need to charge double for the medium ones and this would generate huge waste.  The number could be as low as 8 or as high as 16.
  • Seed Potatoes are generally much smaller than the supermarket eating equivalent. Unless otherwise stated, we sell our potatoes as 35mm-55mm which is the industry standard across the UK.
  • This does not mean that the tuber is 35mmx55mm This means that when the potato is graded, it will fall through a 55mm square, but not through a 35mm square.

🥔 This year we are trialling selling much smaller potatoes and these will be very clearly marked.   We are offering these to you as a trial – by having a market for these small potatoes and being able to sell at a reduced price means that we can keep our prices low overall.   These will be offered, if available when we have sold out of our standard potatoes.  They are still within the size limits allowed to be sold as seed potatoes and will give a great crop.  There are around 12 in a 450g bag and we would suggest planting two of these as one.   The 450g nets are included in the 6 tuber net and 1kg bulk deals.   Your feedback is most welcome whether you buy or not, please let us know.

We abide by the rules set in The Seed Potatoes (Scotland) Regulations 2015

These potatoes have a fluffy middle when cooked. They are not only great for family favourites such as ruffled up roasties but also tasty jackets or chunky chips.  Parboiled floury potatoes freeze well.

Click on pictures to enlarge.  Although Maris Piper is mentioned, any floury potatoes can be used in these recipes.

Sticky Orange Potato Cake and Mexican Wedgies


Recipes are taken from the “AHDB – Potatoes more than a bit on the side” site and used with permission.   Click on logo for some more wonderful recipes!  AHDB is a members based programme of which Potato House is a member.

We’d love to see any pics of your kitchen creations on our social media pages – see links at the foot of the page.

The Slow Food Ark of Taste

The Ark of Taste is a key international project of the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity. It aims to catalogue and promote quality products from around the world that are rooted in culture, history and tradition and that are in danger of disappearing. We are proud to have these potatoes in our repertoire and are working with the Ark of Taste to have more of our varieties listed.  To read more about this, see their page.

This project strives to draw attention to the products and the history behind them, inspiring people to take action to protect them.

Here at Potato House, we net and bag up most of our potatoes.   If a variety says out of stock this could be temporary or indeed we could well be out of stock for the season.  There could be a delay from our store to the web as we communicate this information.

If a product has DELAY TO REBAG on it, it means that we need to check stock and re-bag if we still have some left.  This is not a guarantee that we do have more in stock.

If a product has SOLD OUT for 2021, it really does mean sold out.

Potato House grows around 90 varieties and some are in small quantities and sell out quickly.  We leave these products on our web and if you are looking for a particular variety, we invite you to join our mailing list.  When we harvest in the autumn and know quantities we then will open our web up for pre-orders and let our mailing list know about the varieties.

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