Which Potato Should I Eat?

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is "Which potato should I eat?"

We are renowned for having an array of heritage, colourful, and organic potatoes. However we know that the choice can be overwhelming and with a few key questions, we can help you to buy the perfect Potato to Eat.

We grow many varieties that are not widely available in shops.  Many people enjoy these varieties citing the great flavours and wonderful colours on their plate.  Cooking a heritage potato is no different than cooking a regular potato and the trick is knowing what type of potato is good for the different cooking methods.

Potatoes are one of the most versatile natural foods that can be cooked in so many different ways, so to get great results you need to pick the right type of potato. To make your shopping hassle-free we have put together this handy guide to help you get great results every time. 

It’s all a matter of taste. We know that not all potatoes look the same but did you know that not all potatoes taste the same? We are all familiar with the traditional, comforting potato taste with every mouthful bringing back memories of Mum’s cottage pie.  They can also have a distinctive nutty or buttery flavour making them just great on their own. There’s more to potatoes than meets the eye. 

Do you like a fluffy roastie, how about a smooth mash or perhaps a roasted whole salad potato? Find your perfect Potato to Eat by cooking type, cooking method, colour. Search our range of Heritage Potatoes or Organic Potatoes to Eat.

We have some recipes to inspire you.  Please get in touch if we can help in any way.  We know our tatties! Range will change throughout the year sign up to our newsletter to get updates and exciting recipes.

We are asked "Which potato is the best for roasties?"

Have you ever tried to mash a potato that simply wouldn’t, or have your boiled potatoes disintegrated?  Your culinary disasters may simply be due to using the wrong potato type.  You might have seen a recipe asking for a floury variety or a TV chef using a waxy type.  Many people phone us to ask if we can supply a baking potato or ask which potato is the best for roasting.  It is so true that many potatoes have one or two distinct purposes while others can be seen more as all-rounders.

The three types are Floury, Waxy and smooth.  As a general rule, most potatoes tend to fall into one of two categories; floury or waxy.  Waxy potatoes hold their shape and have a firm bite, so they’re great for salads or simply boiled and dressed with butter.  Floury potatoes, on the other hand, fluff up when they’re cooked, making them perfect for chips, roast potatoes or baking.  But there are varieties that fall in the centre, holding both waxy and firm qualities and these are defined as smooth.  These make great all-rounders, and tend to have the creamy consistency needed for a smooth mash.

Our range of Potatoes to Eat has a label to indicate which it is as well as helpful hints as to how it is best cooked. Click on the tabs below to see our current range

All varieties have waxy, smooth and floury labels to help you pick.  Range will change throughout the year

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 As a rule of thumb, fluffy is for chips and roasties, and waxy is for boiled, and smooth is for a great mash, but there are some overlaps.  How do you like to eat your potatoes?

Potatoes to Eat - we are well known for our colourful range

We are the prominent producers of coloured potatoes and are delighted to bring these varieteis to our Potatoes to Eat range! The purples, the pinks and the blues! There are also potatoes where the flesh is coloured. This is always a talking point – whether it is toddlers or friends round for a meal – everyone is impressed. The toddlers get told that the blue mash has super powers and the adults will check if blue potatoes have super powers! Nutritional values are the same although there are some studies which indicate that a range of food colours is better for you. We do, of course, have white skin and flesh potatoes. How to cook these beauties depends on their type - a red waxy potato is cooked in the same way as a white waxy.

Click on the tabs on the left to see our different coloured potatoes.

Potatoes to Eat - Heritage, speciality and Ark of Taste Varieties

Our range of speciality and heritage varieties is quite incredible; we are helping to bring some varieties back from extinction such as Lumpers and Ratte.

Each year we try to extend the range as many people want to experiment with these older varieties and they are seeing something of a resurgence in the press and in restaurants.

The definition of a heritage variety is one that was bred prior to 1950. They have been around for a while and the reason is generally the taste. These potatoes are not widely available and we are one of the few producers in the UK committed to keeping the old varieties going.

ark of taste potatoes

The Ark of Taste is a key international project of the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity. It aims to catalogue and promote quality products from around the world that are rooted in culture, history and tradition and that are in danger of disappearing. It is quite exciting to see so many of our varieties listed in this catalogue and we aim to have more soon. The varieties will have the Ark of Taste Logo on them.

Our Organic Range of Potatoes to Eat

Organic Seed Potatoes

Skea Organics is our original company and are the foremost company for supplying high-quality organic seed potatoes to farmers and market gardeners throughout the UK and beyond. We are delighted to be able to bring the same range of organic potatoes to chefs in kitchens and restaurants alike.

Many chefs will choose organic as they prefer to limit the use of chemicals in their lives. We are certified organic producers.

All organic Potatoes to Eat will have the label on the variety.

Have a great time in the kitchen! Let us know what you have cooked! Upload pics to our social media @potatohouseuk using #potatohousetoeat and # ThePotatoName (eg #ShetlandBlack).

Potato House. Home of Quality Seed Potatoes.

Grown and dispatched directly from our farm*

*Each year, a few varieties are sourced from other local growers to complete our range. This is noted on a tab on the variety page.

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