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Your Potatoes to Eat questions. Answered.

We’ve compiled the most FAQs about our Potatoes to Eat Range and how to cook them here. If you have never bought heritage or coloured potatoes before, we are here to help. Whether you need to identify which variety to try, and how to cook them, you will find most answers here.  Please contact us if you are still unsure – we’re here to help you find the perfect potato whether that is for a dinner party, or for every day use.

Pink chips and blue mash. Potato House

🥔Before I buy Potatoes to Eat I need to know...

We have an entire page to help you! Which Potato Should I EAT? Whether you chose by colour, cooking type or by a name that takes your fancy, we can help you decide!

Our Potatoes To Eat range  will come in the following bag sizes:

  • 5kg
  • 10kg
  • 15kg
  • 25kg – generally this is for wholesale only

We are looking into a variety pack with, say, 3 varieties and will hopefully have this for the start of 2024 season. Your feedback is appreciated – would you like 3 different colours, 3 different cooking types or something else?

Have you ever tried to mash a potato that simply wouldn’t, or have your boiled potatoes disintegrated? Your culinary disasters may simply be due to using the wrong potato type. You might have seen a recipe asking for a floury variety or a TV chef using a waxy type. Many people phone us to ask if we can supply a baking potato or ask which potato is the best for roasting. It is so true that many potatoes have one or two distinct purposes while others can be seen more as all-rounders.

The three types are Floury, Waxy and smooth. As a general rule, most potatoes tend to fall into one of two categories; floury or waxy. Waxy potatoes hold their shape and have a firm bite, so they’re great for salads or simply boiled and dressed with butter. Floury potatoes, on the other hand, fluff up when they’re cooked, making them perfect for chips, roast potatoes or baking. But there are varieties that fall in the centre, holding both waxy and firm qualities and these are defined as smooth. These make great all-rounders, and tend to have the creamy consistency needed for a smooth mash.

Our range of Potatoes to Eat has a label to indicate which it is as well as helpful hints as to how it is best cooked.

Floury Seed Potatoes

Waxy seed potatoes

smooth seed potatoes

Which Potato Should I Eat | Speciality, Heritage, Organic, coloured potatoes to eat | Potato House

Potatoes to Eat range will change throughout the season – please join our newsletter (tick box Potatoes to Eat) for up-to-date information or bookmark here and check back.  Although we grow over 90 varieties this is mainly for seed potatoes and not all our varieties will be available in our To Eat range.  Let us know what you would like to see in this range – we welcome your feedback on this new venture.

We aim to have potatoes 9 months of the year for you and are looking to extend this for 2023-24

If a variety has COMING SOON we intend on having this for you in this season.  We have to plan storage and washing facilities and can’t give a certain date until a few days before we have it for you. We will have better plans in the future once we get into a routine.

If a product has DELAY TO REBAG on it, it means that we need to check stock, and wash and re-bag if we still have some left.  This is not a guarantee that we do have more in stock.  We have to check.

If a product has SOLD OUT for 2024, it really does mean sold out.

Quite simply this is due to space. We wash our Potatoes To Eat range and these need to be used up quite quickly after this.  We simply do not have the capacity to do a stock rotation of many varieties.  We aim to have a Variety suitable for roasting, chips, and a salad variety as well as some interesting coloured varieties for you.  We are looking into washing and storing facilities to extend this.

This is the age-old question! It seems to be quite divisive. Some people would prefer dirty potatoes and others would prefer washed ones and there are pros and cons on either side of the debate.

In the autumn/spring 2022-23 we had a survey for our customers and the comments came from both ends of the scale:

Why pay to send dirt?  I would like them washed
Why pay someone to clean them?  I can wash them.

From an environmental point of view, for us to wash 100kg of potatoes takes much less water overall than if 100 customers were to wash 1kg each.

We can also visually inspect the clean potatoes much easier than if they were dirty and remove any sub-standard ones. 

From a convenience point of view, we know the busy lives everyone leads and nowadays most want ingredients that are quick and easy to use.   Perhaps at Farmer’s markets, customers are more used to seeing dirty vegetables and can rub the dirt away to ensure good quality. 

Potatoes for now will be supplied washed, but we will keep an eye on this – so please let us know your thoughts.

🥔What are the payment, delivery and returns terms?

We aim to dispatch the day after order and your order will be couriered to you on a 48 hour courier.  However this can be delayed due to weather and other factors.  Please allow a few extra days.

Our courier picks up from us in the morning however any orders placed before they come will be processed the following day. 

You can pay by the following methods:

  • PAYPAL / CREDIT CARD. These are our preferred payment methods, you do NOT need to have a PayPal account and can still pay via credit card. This payment is instant and it automatically puts your order to processing. This is secure for both customer and supplier. We do not get your credit card details.
  • BACS: This is not automatic, and we have to manually check our account which may not be done each day. Your order will not begin to be processed until we confirm that your money is in our account.
  • CHEQUE: Please be aware that payment by cheque is a very slow process. After it has been in the post to us cheques are only processed once a week as we do not work near a bank. It then needs to clear which can take 2 days. Only when we have checked that the money has cleared in our account can the order begin to be processed.

Once your money is confirmed in our account, we aim to dispatch the following day.

In a word: no.  Or rather we could, but our system does not allow this easily.  We can’t do a partial dispatch, or attach a payment to another order automatically and so everything has to be entered manually with copy and paste.  There is scope for human error (variety, amount, what gets dispatched when) and I’m sure most customers will appreciate that the work involved in this for us is huge. 

If you require two separate deliveries, please do separate orders. 

We wash up and bag our Potatoes to Eat on a weekly basis and then sell around 6 varieties at any one time. Due to space constraints we cannot delay the delivery as we will be moving onto other varieties. 

We are looking to extend our facilities to have more varieties on offer in the future.

Home of Quality Potatoes To Eat – Grown and dispatched directly from our farm*

Potatoes To Eat

Heritage Potatoes, Coloured Potatoes, Rare Potatoes, Organic Potatoes

Delivered to your Door.

Free UK Delivery

Your Potatoes to Eat will be sent on a 48 hour courier.  However, we work quite rurally and we have an early pick up.  We need to have orders in the day beforeto be able to get the order together before our courier arrives.  Orders received in the morning will not be dispatched until the following working day.   We cannot delay delivery due to storage, so please put in ASAP at checkout.

For the vast majority of orders, we do not charge a surcharge for Scottish Highlands and Islands and other remote areas.  However, we reserve the right to contact you if we can’t get a viable rate. Unfortunately, for large or extremely remote orders, it is likely that we will need to pass on some haulage charge. 

If you wish to pick up we offer a 15% discount.  By default, this option will only appear for local postcodes.  If yours doesn’t appear, use our postcode DD3 0QN in the “Deliver to Address”.    You need to select local pick up and also put code Pickup in the coupon box.  Also to help us, put “pick up” in the “deliver to address”.  We will contact you when your order is ready. We operate on a working farm with machinery, vehicles and livestock and so please keep children and pets inside your car when picking up. This is only available for orders up to £50 – if you wish to pick up a larger order, please contact us prior to ordering.

If we get a parcel returned to us due to wrong details we will charge you postage to re-send.  Please check the details on your confirmation note and inform us immediately of any mistakes.  Small typos are easy to do!

Mixed order of seed potatoes and Potatoes to eat is welcome, as long as they are to be dispatched immediately (note seed potatoes will not be ready until mid-December).

If you would like to order both seed potatoes and potatoes to eat to arrive at different times, please do two separate orders.

Wholesale welcome – please contact us.

Free Uk Delivery of Seed Potatoes

  • Yes, we deliver here. We have a surcharge of £5 for postal /courier rates.
  • For larger orders, please put your address in and then put payment by cheque – this allows the order to come through without payment. Once we establish the delivery costs, we will issue you with an invoice to be paid in your preferred manner.  For large wholsale orders, we can deliver to the quay on the mainland for you to arrange transport or we can get a quote for you.
  • Please note that we reserve the right to contact you if we cannot get a good rate for delivery regardless of the weight of your order. 

We live and work rurally and dislike all surcharges to certain postcodes that we are subject to as customers. As such we are committed to delivering your order at no extra cost.

  • For orders under 2kg we use Royal Mail and so no surcharges are applicable.
  • For orders 2kg – 10kg, we shop around to find the best courier service for each order to Highlands and Islands. We are conscious of the higher costs of living rurally and so we look after every order personally. Please help us by combining deliveries with neighbours wherever possible to offset our higher courier charges. Perhaps you could organise a potato appreciation club in your community?
  • Unfortunately, for large or extremely remote orders, it is highly likely that we will need to pass on some haulage charge. We reserve the right to contact you if we can’t get a viable rate.


Our Statement December 2020

We are reluctantly forced to close our online shop to customers in the EU and Northern Ireland. We have grown our business over the last 20 years and viewed all 500 million citizens as our domestic market. Until our government and the EU agree dynamic alignment of seed potato certification and plant health standards we are not permitted to send seed potatoes or table potatoes to the EU or Northern Ireland. Even once a deal is done, and our standards are recognised in the EU, it might still not be possible for us to open the shop again – the paperwork required to accompany orders and the tariffs might be prohibitive.

We would like to thank our loyal EU and Northern Ireland customers large and small for your custom and words of support recently, it really does mean a lot to us.

From our family firm,
Potato House

The Windsor Framework – Update October 2023


Red Lanes, Green Lanes, it was sounding like a children’s nursery rhyme. However, like most nursery rhymes, it takes a bit to untangle the true meaning. We are still prohibited from selling to the public and have to sell to a business like a shop or a hotel. There are many forms to fill in, and procedures to go through, which we are in the middle of. We are not sure if small orders will be feasible. As we specialise in small orders of many different varieties, we will have lots of things to think about. If you have a business in Northern Ireland, please get in touch.

We would love to be selling to our customers and have been asked several times to try. Smuggling to a part of the UK – who on earth would have thought that we have been asked this? I am a bit too old to be a pirate!

No sorry, due to import laws from other countries, we do not deliver to USA, Canada or anywhere. 

  • We aim to dispatch our Potatoes to Eat range the day after order  and then delivery will take 2 days.  You will get an auto dispatch email when we have completed your order.
  • All products ordered will be sent together under the one delivery charge. If you require us to split the delivery please put in another order – it is not easy to split an order from our end.
  • Let us know of a safe place, preferably under cover, in which your parcel can be left in the event of no one being home when the delivery is attempted.
  • If you choose to pay by BACS or cheque we will not begin to process your order until your payment has been received and cleared.
  • During times of frost or low temperatures deliveries will be held back until more favourable conditions prevail.
  • Some deliveries may be delayed if we have to re- stock certain varieties, we will try to keep you informed of any delays.
  • Although the vast majority of orders get to customers in 2 days, unfortunately, there can be delays and we ask that you wait for adew days before contacting us please check out-buildings prior to contacting us, as the couriers are sometimes not leaving cards.
  • Contact us as soon as possible! Whether you have changed your mind on variety, amount or indeed whether you wish to cancel the order, we can help if we catch the order prior to dispatch.
  • If the order has been dispatched and you wish to order more, please place another order.
  • If the order has been dispatched and you wish to change variety or amount, or wish to cancel, you will be liable for returning the unwanted goods to us in an unused condition in a timely manner. Only once goods are returned to us and checked will we be able to issue any refund MINUS OUR POSTAL COSTS.
  • Please see our Terms for further details.

We at Potato House pride ourselves on the quality of our Potatoes to Eat and service to all customers.

  • We are a small family business and aim to get every order right.  However, as we are dealing with fresh produce and delivery, an order can occasionally go wrong.  If this happens, Amy or Andrew Skea (owners and directors) will personally deal with your complaint.  We believe in great customer service and are delighted to have orders of 5kg along side our large orders for Potatoes To Eat
  • Please check the quality of your order as soon as it arrives. Orders are sent out normally on 48 hour deliveries your seed should be in perfect condition as they are visually checked prior to dispatch. If there is any defect or quality problem with the seed on arrival you must inform us by email or in writing within 7 days of delivery. Pictures should be included.
  • As our potatoes are fresh produce, we cannot accept responsibility for any deterioration of the potatoes after that time unless under special circumstances. If there is a valid reason for complaint, we will either replace or refund part or all your order, whichever you prefer. We may require you to return the original order – postage will be refunded if the quality is sub-standard.
  • All ware potatoes sales are subject to RUCIP Rules.
  • Please see our Terms for further details.

After delivery it is your responsibility to store the potatoes in the correct manner They need to be kept in a coolk (not freezing) dark place in a box or hessian bag.  They will go mouldy if kept itn aplastic bag. 

Any deterioration of your potatoes after the initial complaints period of 7 days will be at your own risk.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for further information.

🥔How do I store and cook my potatoes?

We are the prominent UK producers of coloured potatoes and are delighted to bring these varieteis to our Potatoes to Eat range! The purples, the pinks and the blues! There are also potatoes where the flesh is coloured. This is always a talking point – whether it is toddlers or friends round for a meal – everyone is impressed. The toddlers get told that the blue mash has super powers and the adults will check if blue potatoes have super powers! Nutritional values are the same although there are some studies which indicate that a range of food colours is better for you. We do, of course, have white skin and flesh potatoes. How to cook these beauties depends on their type, and NOT their colour – a red waxy potato is cooked in the same way as a white waxy.

Use your potatoes in your favourite recipes.  Try some blue mash, purple chips and pink Dauhpinoise!  We have recipes to insprire you.   

Pink DauphonoiseHighland Burgundy Red ChipsPotato Nachos. Simon Howie. Potato HousePotato House. Blue Annelise Mash

Your Potatoes To Eat will store for a few weeks in a cool (not freezing) dark place, such as in a shed, under the stairs or utility room. Storing them in a paper or hessian bag allows them still to breathe – a plastic container would not allow airflow and they could go mouldy. A cardboard box is also ideal. 

Please also see our story to give you some background information about our company and the varieties we chose to grow for you. Our certificates are located on this page as well. If you can’t find an answer, please contact us we will do our best to help.

Best Sellers from our Potato to Eat range

Have a great time in the kitchen! Let us know what you have cooked! Upload pics to our social media @potatohouseuk using #potatohousetoeat and # ThePotatoName (eg #ShetlandBlack).

Potato House. Home of Quality Seed Potatoes.

Grown and dispatched directly from our farm*

*Each year, a few varieties are sourced from other local growers to complete our range. This is noted on a tab on the variety page.

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