Eight of the Best Recipes For Potatoes

All varieties have waxy, smooth and floury labels to help you pick. Our range of Potatoes to Eat will change through out the year.

Selection of Recipes for Potatoes for you to try. We have matched the correct potato to each cooking type. How do you like to eat your potatoes?

As a rule of thumb, fluffy is for chips and roasties, and waxy is for boiling, and smooth is for a great mash, but there are some overlaps. 

Potatoes to eat Baked

A firm favourite.  Whether you have the time to cook slowly in the oven, or for a quick microwave fix, a baked potato is very versatile. Toppings can range from a tin of beans with cheese to something more elaborate like this Chicken and pesto topping.

Potatoes to eat - BoliedThe perfect accompaniment to meals. This recipe gives some hints for different butters. New potatoes have a habit of breaking up and so can also be steamed.

Home-made chips will impress everyone!  It may well stink the kitchen out, but the end results are very worth it - and actually very easy.  We have the perfect recipe here.  You don't even need a deep-fat-fryer.

Potatoes to eat crispsA step up from chips! Making your own crisps at home sounds crazy, but you can experiment with different colours and seasoning giving some amazing results.

All you need is a mandoline to slice the potatoes thinly and a hot fryer.

Mash - the ultimate comfort food. Mash can also be used as a topping for pies as well as mixed with flour for a pizza base or tattie scones.

We have a lovely Mustard Mash with Poached Cod Recipe, how about experimenting with different coloured potatoes?

Potatoes to Eat - Roast

Roast potatoes need no introduction.  They are the centrepiece of many Sunday lunches, and who can imagine Christmas Dinner without a roastie!  We have the ultimate Roast Potato recipe - remember to use a floury potato for this.

Potatoes to eat - Salad

Potato Salad conjures up long sunny Summer days!  Boil a pan of potatoes and then make the salad, and it could last a few days.   Whether you make a traditional potato salad, or experiment with other flavours, a potato salad will be the star of any BBQ.

Wedges - the perfect cross between chips and a baked potato.  Wedges can be served with a dip, or as a side dish seasoned with garlic and herbs. Try some Hassleback style - the potato remains intact and cut three-quarters.

Have a great time in the kitchen! Let us know what you have cooked! Upload pics to our social media @potatohouseuk using #potatohousetoeat and # ThePotatoName (eg #ShetlandBlack).

Potato House. Home of Quality Seed Potatoes.

Grown and dispatched directly from our farm*

*Each year, a few varieties are sourced from other local growers to complete our range. This is noted on a tab on the variety page.

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