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Planting Potatoes by Easter? Old Wives tale!

Many people think that potatoes need to be planted on Easter Sunday. This is an old wives tale! Traditionally, this was the first long weekend of the year and many people enjoyed being out in the garden for the first time. Others, we think enjoyed getting out of the kitchen and were given an important job to do! As Easter can vary each year by a huge amount, this is definitely not a reliable date. The storage facilities now mean that your potatoes can be sent out in perfect condition all throughout May and into June. Requiring 100 days for early and about 120 for main crops, a later planting simply means a later harvest. We are glad other people agree! See our FAQ for more details.

Kevin from English Homestead had fun with his girls planting Pink Gypsy, Salad Blue, Heidi Red and Highland Burgundy Red and then did a great Q&A with us. We love when bloggers are as excited about potatoes as we are! This is a great blog to follow and you can certainly say his kids are living the life most can only dream of!

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