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Pink chips and blue mash: The Angus farmers putting colourful potatoes back on our plates

Mixed Wedges. Potato House

Pink chips and blue mash:  Maria Gran from The Dundee Courier was very intrigued about our colourful potatoes.  She highlighted the story of the heritage and colourful potatoes and our desire to see them on plates whether that is in Hotels and restaurants or the family home.

So whether you are a professional chef or a budding home cook, we have something for all. Wholesale welcome - please contact us.

Pink chips and blue mash. Potato House

Pink chips and blue mash. Varieties mentioned in the article and in the pictures

Have a great time in the kitchen! Let us know what you have cooked! Upload pics to our social media @potatohouseuk using #potatohousetoeat and # ThePotatoName (eg #ShetlandBlack).

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