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Potato House Seed Potatoes
From our local Junior Curling club to school potato projects, we like to get involved

Proud to be involved in local and national charity and community initiatives.

And there are always the raffle prizes!

Our main project, helping school pupils grow potatoes

Grow Your Own Potatoes is a wonderful project that gets potato growing kits into primary schools across the UK.  Potato House has been an active supporter of this initiative for many years and when the funding stopped, felt that the project had to continue.  2022 saw the relaunch and we hope to get more partners on board to make this bigger and better for next year.   Supplying Potatoes is a small, albeit vital, part of the process, with posters, boxes and delivery logistics all playing a huge part. 

Since we launched this in February we have been asked by customers how they can support this project and if they can donate money.  This is hugely appreciated.

As we are not a charity and neither is the GYOP project, this would be hard to administer. The easiest thing would be for you to buy a kit and donate it to a local youth group. We can even send this to the group.

Potatoes to Foodbanks

Tatties Tae Tables is an incredible project set up during lock down by Andrew's cousin, supplying surplus potatoes directly to the charities providing free food for those in need.  We believe that everyone should have enough to eat in the UK in 2022 and are "delighted" to support this.  Delighted is not the right word. 

As always, donating the potatoes is a small part of the logistical process and haulage needs to be provided.  The following is from their Go Fund Me Page. 

We are connecting this supply of excess produce with the need for food. We will use your donations to prepare and transport pledged farm produce to charities who are doing such great work to alleviate the impact of poverty. These charitable organisations include Empty Kitchens, Edinburgh Community Food and others who are doing phenomenal work and are seeing demand increase dramatically each week.

Costs we will incur will generally be for fuel and expenses for collection, delivery and packaging.

Glasgow Gurdwara

Although we are mainly known for our seed potatoes, we also grow potatoes for ware / table use. We have a huge range of varieties across all cooking types and sizes. Here is an organisation we have donated potatoes to recently. 

The real hard work starts from when they arrive in Glasgow, distribution around the city and cooking meals for those in need.

Thank you to Glasgow Gurdwara for assisting communities and individuals who need help, such as Halliday foundation, Pollokshields Mutual Aid, Glasgow SE FoodBank, Glasgow NW FoodBank, who benefitted from our recent donation.


Our sporting endevours

Curling is cool!  We are a curling family and Andrew and Amy both volunteer at the local curling club, with the Potato House Logo soon to be on the U17 shirts.   With the buzz of the Olympic Medals, we are delighted to have around 30 children from across Dundee, Perth and Fife curl with us.  Perhaps to their surprise, when the season finished, all the kids were given some potatoes to grow. 

Our local efforts

With three children all doing many activities we are always asked for raffle prizes.  We have been in to schools and nurseries in the area showing children how to plant potatoes and in 2020 just after lockdown we had a Tattie ChampionChips for the local children.   It is super seeing children growing potatoes!

Many community groups across the UK ask us if we are able to supply potatoes, and we'd love to be able to say yes to everyone.  But unfortunately, we simply can't.  If your order is large enough, we can see if we can offer a discount so please get in touch. 

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