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No room? Potatoes can be planted in compost bags

You don’t need fancy equipment to grow potatoes! Compost bags are ideal. Try and use a container that is dark to stop any light getting to the roots and the new tubers. Light makes the new tubers go green.

Andrew Oldham from Life on Pig row certainly didn’t complicate things when he planted his Christmas potatoes from Potato House!

You can read about his experience of planting potatoes for Christmas on his blog

Andrew’s blog shows Down to earth growing and cooking high on the Saddleworth hills. The Oldham family (Andrew, Carol and D) have created an inspiring kitchen garden which provides a wealth of rich flavours for the kitchen and larder. Their make do and mend attitude was born out of three years of recreating a Dig For Victory garden on their 1/4 acre plot. Well worth a follow!

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