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Nacho average nachos!

Simon Howie Potato House Nachos

Clair from Simon Howie was delighted to create some fun recipes with our colourful potatoes and their great products.

We have two wonderful recipies from Clair Howison at Simon Howie.  These amazing Nachos and Zuppa Toscana (Sausage, bacon & potato soup).

When we approached Clair from Simon Howie and she first heard about our colourful potatoes she said

Oh what fun! Yes! I would love to receive some of your potatoes and use them for some recipe content.

I was telling my husband and kids last night about them and they were super intrigued. What a cool product you have.  It sounds great and v fun!  Are you saying I can make blue and red chips!? EXCITING!!

Roasties instead of tortilla chips. Did someone say haggis and roasties!? Yes. Yes we did. And dips. Never forget the dips.

Nacho average nachos!! Top roasties with haggis, cheese and toppings and dig in!! Great as a starter, side dish or as the main meal event. Super tasty.

Are you going to grow the potatoes or buy them ready to eat? We have options for the gardener and the chef alike.

Potato Nachos. Simon Howie. Potato House
Simon Howie / Potato House Nahco Average Nachos
Simon Howie Nachos
Simon Howie Nachos

If you have never tried Haggis, or are a seasoned pro, this recipe is bound to delight! 

Look out for some  Simon Howie Haggis in the chilled section of your local supermarket - available UK-wide.  

Simon Howie are based in the heart of Perthshire, serving customers through their retail shops and across major supermarkets throughout UK.

Award-winning bacon • Award-winning black pudding • UK’s No.1 haggis and more, so much more. #YouOnlyGetAWowie #SimonHowie

Vegetarian options are available. 

This recipe is used with permission.  Check out all their recipes. 

It was great fun working with Clair!  When she sent me this recipe, I knew it sounded good.   But that Saturday was one of these days with Andrew with 2 kids in one place and one sport, and me in Edinburgh with another kid and another sport.  Ships passing in the night. Oh and grandma in tow! I had assumed we'd all eat at different times, or a have carry out.......and of course not knowing when the others had eaten or how hungry everyone was, meant I wasn't going to decide till we got home (I was on carry out mode!)

My half of the family came home at about 5pm to find haggis defrosting (both Vegetarian and normal), potatoes prepared and a note to say they'd be home with the salsa, guacamole and sour cream, and to get everything else ready for 7:30. 

Teamwork indeed!

I honestly have never thought of having haggis with Mexican style dips and it was so quick and easy.  It was absolutely delicious!  I sprinkled some Mexican fajita mix over the wedges as they were cooking (I can never follow a recipe exactly!)

It is a complete thumbs up from here and goes to the top of the list for a quick family meal for busy households.

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