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Favourite Potatoes - Staff Recommendations

"If you are new to growing potatoes, I'd suggest getting blight-resistant varieties. They are the most robust varieties, no variety comes with a 100% guarantee but these are pretty good. Colleen is my preferred 1st early; Ambo is a great second early, and Sarpo Una comes with really good Blight resistance. We have a selection of red and blue fleshed varieties, but Heidi Red and Blue Annalise have by far the best blight resistance."
Andrew Skea
"The different colours are worth trying - you certainly don't see these in the supermarkets! The taste and colours definitely give a wow factor on your plate. If you have kids, growing your own food with them is a great way to encourage eating food that looks a bit different. Some studies suggest that there may be more vitamins in the blue varieties, certainly eating a rainbow is good for you. Perfect for gardens and allotments."
Amy Skea

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