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Visitor Free net if you spend more than £10 🥔

Visitor Free net if you spend more than £10 🥔
Potato House Home of Quality Seed Potatoes

Home of Quality Seed Potatoes

Hello! Visitor Free Net Of Seed Potatoes.  Find your spud name. Lots of advice for beginners. 

Free Net of Seed Potatoes!

Our fabulous End-Of-Season giveaway is now on!  Spend £10 or more and get a free 3-tuber net of potatoes.

Our usual discounts apply save £1 per item if you buy five-nine items and £2 per item if you buy over ten items of any combination of  6-tuber nets, 1kg nets or our grow bags


You certainly are not too late.  Here's a video (link will take you to our Instagram) of me planting some Pink Fir Apple in Inverness last May - it was the Coronation weekend.  Watch out for the spider!  

We had a great harvest as you can see in the the later pic of Andrew in September.  Pink Fir Apple are great for salads and have a wonderful nutty flavour, they are my mum's favourite potato. 

At this stage of spring, the ground will be warm enough for you to plant your potatoes directly, however we suggest that they could still benefit from being chitted for a few weeks to give them a start. Unchitted potatoes will take around 4 weeks to break through the soil. 

Earlies planted at the start of May will be ready to harvest at the start of August and main crop by late September / start October

‍Your free net will be added automatically at check-out, we will try to put something that isn't already in your order, but this will depend on what we have. 

‍Stocks are getting low on all varieties so order now if you have a particular variety you would like.

Potato House The Best Potatoes for beginners to grow
Potato House a-z of our seed potatoes

Can we help with varieties?

We get many people emailing us at this time of year wondering about all things potato.  We are here to help potato growers of all abilities.  Welcome to the world of growing if you are starting this season!  The most frustrating and rewarding hobby to take up

We have lots of advice for the whole season, from picking the right variety through to harvest - and even beyond as we have recipes for you!  Browse and order your seed potatoes and let us know if you have any questions.  Check out our growing guide and also our page that helps with the terminology.

Drop us a line and we can help you.  If you are new to growing potatoes, why not challenge another beginner to a PotatoChampionChip? 


Challenge your friends and relatives to a PotatoChampionChip and keep us updated on social media.

Special Offer on Patio Sets - save £2.50 per pack

Patio sets  are great for beginners as we have done the hard work to get some great varieties together.  If you find the choice too much on our site, don't worry!  We have done some leg work for you to prepare some 

Grow a few tubers of several varieties to see what they are like. These make great presents and are ideal for beginners or people with smaller growing areas.  These can of course be grown in the ground but we have Grow bags (optional extras) for you. Each bag will take 3 tubers.


🥔Tubers only – £12.30. Buy 2 patio packs only £10.80 per pack
🥔Tubers with three black grow bags – £17.45.  Buy 2 patio packs only £14.95 per pack
🥔Tubers with three burgundy grow bags – £17.45.  Buy 2 patio packs only £14.95 per pack
🥔Tubers with three green grow bags with handles – £22.60. Buy 2 patio packs only £20.10 per pack

Planting potatoes with children

Growing potatoes with children is a fun spring-time activity

Growing potatoes is a wonderful activity for children and a great way to get them outside.  You could even have a competition with cousins or friends from different parts of the country.

Toddlers may need some help, but most school-age children will manage to plant and water their potatoes.

We have many potatoes that are names - perhaps your child can grow their name?

Potato House The Best Potatoes for beginners to grow
Which Potato Should I Grow

‍Show us your progress on social media

If you have a potato question, we are here all season long.  If you need help with identification (despite thinking you have labelled everything!) or have any question, we can help.  Send us pictures of the plant, leaf and flowers if you would like our opinion on whether you have blight or any other problems. You can email or post to our social media.  

Even if you don't have a question, please tag us in any pictures that you upload to social media @potatohouseuk - we love to see how our baby potatoes are getting on, so if yours are in flower, or you are harvesting, or indeed just planting your late-season potatoes, please let us know.

Your Potato Team
Potato House
May 21 2024 ‍


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Let us know if you have any questions at any time via email or our social media channels.  You are very welcome to post your pictures of your potatoes to our pages at any stage of growing - we really do enjoy seeing how our baby potatoes are getting on.



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