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Visitor Plant earlies now for August Harvest 🥔

Visitor Plant earlies now for August Harvest 🥔
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Hello! Visitor Growing Potatoes is a fun Spring time activity for children.  Mound up potatoes that were planted in March.  Beginners Guide to growing potatoes.

Spring is finally here!

Although we had hail stones this week, I think we can finally say that spring is with us, just north of Dundee.  It's still raining though!  

We have had a few people emailing worried about frost and this is certainly something to be watching out for if your potatoes have been planted.  Frost can KILL the emerging shoots so if there is a late frost forecast in your area, cover any visible shoots with shredded newspapers or an old sheet.  If you have planted in containers move them inside to a frost free shed. We're only in April - I still expect a snowball fight!

Jubilee Patio Pack

‍Happy St George's Day to all our English customers.  Mid April is a great time to plant potatoes for most of the UK. 

‍Many potato varieties were given names of Royalty - the celebrities of 100 years ago.  We have British Queen, Charlotte and Duke of York among others.  Breeding was, and to an extent still is, a Scottish and Welsh occupation due to the weather conditions - that rain is good for something!

Earlies planted at the start of May will be ready to harvest at the start of August and main crop by October

‍‍Mound up if you planted in March.

‍Your shoots might be coming through by now if you planted in March and you need to “earth” or “mound” them up.

Mounding or earthing up means drawing up soil around the stems as they grow – to protect shoots from frost damage in late spring and more importantly, new tubers are jostling for space and this gives them more room ensuring the developing potatoes aren’t exposed to light, which turns them green and inedible.

Earthing or mounding up is counter intuitive!  The baby potatoes have worked so hard to get to the surface only to be back at square one.  We recommend this tough love process. 

It’s a simple process – once the shoots are about 23cm (9in) tall, mound soil up around them to form a ridge along the row, leaving just the top 10cm (4in) of the plants visible. As the stems grow taller, repeat the process several times, a few weeks apart. The final height of the ridge should be 20–30cm (8–12in).  Some people advocate covering the entire plant – you could experiment to see which works best for you.

Check out our growing guide for more information. 


Challenge your friends and relatives to a PotatoChampionChip and keep us updated on social media.

Potato House The Best Potatoes for beginners to grow
Potato House a-z of our seed potatoes

‍‍Don't worry if you are a few steps before that and don't yet know what to buy.  We're on hand if you don't know what to do.

We are here to help you.  We have lots of advice for the whole season, from picking the right variety through to harvest - and even beyond as we have recipes for you!  Our busiest period is coming to an end, however we sell seed potatoes well into May and so you certainly have not left it too late.  Browse and order your seed potatoes and let us know if you have any questions.  Check out our growing guide and also our page that helps with the terminology.

Drop us a line and we can help you.  If you are new to growing potatoes, why not challenge another beginner to a PotatoChampionChip? 

‍This pic was taken in late April last year in Inverness when we were planting my dad's potato patch. Mid April till mid May is perfect timing for planting potatoes for most of the UK.  The need for chitting becomes less the further on in the spring we are, but potatoes bought now could still benefit from a couple of weeks chitting.

Planting potatoes with children

Growing potatoes with children is a fun spring-time activity

Growing potatoes is a wonderful activity for children and a great way to get them outside.  You could even have a competition with cousins or friends from different parts of the country.

Toddlers may need some help, but most school-age children will manage to plant and water their potatoes.

Children's Patio Packs

Grow your own potatoes

Potato House are proud sponsors of Grow Your Own Potatoes, a project sending free seed potatoes to Primary school classes across the country. 

We have the same packs to purchase which come with educational projects and posters. Although the project has started you can still join in if you have children, grandchildren or run a youth group.  You will be a few weeks behind the main group, but they need to finish by mid June due to school holidays. You can delay harvest to correspond with the later start date. 20% of money raised from the sale of thse kits will go directly back to GYOP. 

We have two great varieties in this pack and an extra potato to do the Beneath The Soil Experiment.  
(7 tubers in total)

Growing potatoes with children is fun!

(Accessories in the picture are not included. For illustrative purposes only.)

‍🥔Tubers only – £7.90 – buy two or more for only £6.90 each – SAVE £2

🥔Tubers with two black grow bags – £10.95 – buy two or more for only £8.95 each – SAVE £4
🥔Tubers with two green grow bags with handles – £15.10 – buy two or more for only £13.40 each – SAVE £4

Potato House The Best Potatoes for beginners to grow
Which Potato Should I Grow

Special Offer on Patio Sets - save £2.50 per pack

‍If you find the choice too much on our site, don't worry!  We have done some leg work for you to prepare some patio sets.  

Grow a few tubers of several varieties to see what they are like. These make great presents and are ideal for beginners or people with smaller growing areas.  These can of course be grown in the ground but we have Grow bags (optional extras) for you. Each bag will take 3 tubers.

We have the Early Patio Pack with 3 tubers of each of the following (9 in total):

🥔Casablanca – Good for all uses from boiling and chipping to mash and roasting. First Early, Smooth, RHS Award of Merit
🥔Colleen – a great all rounder in the kitchen.  First Early, Waxy
🥔Sarpo Una – a lovely smooth red skin variety which can produce a lovely crop for baking.  Second Early, Smooth.

There is also the Salad Patio Pack with 3 tubers of each of the following (9 in total):

🥔Bambino – Lovely salad potatoes with a smooth light waxy texture, Second Early, Waxy, organic
🥔Charlotte – The nation’s favourite salad potato.  Second Early Waxy, organic, RHS Award of Merit – see tab
🥔Pink Fir Apple – Well known variety with long and knobbly tubers with a delicious flavour. Main Crop Waxy, non organic,  RHS Award of Merit.


🥔Tubers only – £12.30. Buy 2 patio packs only £10.80 per pack
🥔Tubers with three black grow bags – £17.45.  Buy 2 patio packs only £14.95 per pack
🥔Tubers with three burgundy grow bags – £17.45.  Buy 2 patio packs only £14.95 per pack
🥔Tubers with three green grow bags with handles – £22.60. Buy 2 patio packs only £20.10 per pack

‍Show us your progress on social media

If you have a potato question, we are here all season long.  If you need help with identification (despite thinking you have labelled everything!) or have any question, we can help.  Send us pictures of the plant, leaf and flowers if you would like our opinion on whether you have blight or any other problems. You can email or post to our social media.  

Even if you don't have a question, please tag us in any pictures that you upload to social media @potatohouseuk - we love to see how our baby potatoes are getting on, so if yours are in flower, or you are harvesting, or indeed just planting your late-season potatoes, please let us know.


Your Potato Team
Potato House
July 21 2024 ‍


‍PS Visitor ‍Remember Earlies planted at the start of May will be ready to harvest at the start of August and main crop by October

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