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Visitor Patio Packs of Seed Potatoes. Save £2.50 per pack when you buy two or more 🥔

Visitor Patio Packs of Seed Potatoes. Save £2.50 per pack when you buy two or more 🥔
Potato House Home of Quality Seed Potatoes

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Hello! Visitor We have Patio Packs which are perfect for April Planting - save £2.50 per pack. Plus our normal nets are flying off the shelves just now. 

Chits Away!

St Patrick's Day has been and gone.  This has been a traditional day for planting potatoes, however, for most people in the UK, this is too early!  There was frost on my car earlier this week!

If you are a first-time grower, welcome!  We have lots of advice for you to help you on your way and an active social media presence if you would like to share your journey.  

If you have bought your potatoes, you can pause this newsletter - see the foot of the page.  However if you haven't please read on!

We hit our busy period now with delayed delivery orders and people finding our site for the first time.  Many people are organised and have their potatoes and will laugh at the thought of not chitting in February!  However most of us in the UK 
a. live in colder climes and
b. are not organised!

Chitting your potatoes for a couple of weeks will give you time to plant on another Saint's Day - St George's.  Mid-April is the average for planting potatoes and my advice around this time is don't start too early - frost will kill emerging tubers.  We are just north of Dundee and we plant at the start of May.  

Easter is another traditional day to plant but remember that this holiday moves each year and is early this year. 

But what is chitting?  You are giving the tubers a head start when the ground is too cold for planting.  See our Growing Guide to help you.  

‍‍Don't worry if you are one step before that and don't yet know what to buy.

We are here to help you.  We have lots of advice for the whole season, from picking the right variety through to harvest - and even beyond as we have recipes for you!  This is our busiest period and you have some time to browse and order your seed potatoes.  Check out our growing guide and also our page that helps with the terminology.

Drop us a line and we can help you.  If you are new to growing potatoes, why not challenge another beginner to a PotatoChampionChip? 

Healthy short shoots
You do NOT want this

The potatoes above did not have light - the shoots are long and strangly as they have been searching for the light.  Potatoes need to be chitted in the light to ensure strong, short, coloured shoots.

Challenge your friends and relatives to a PotatoChampionChip and keep us updated on social media.

Potato House The Best Potatoes for beginners to grow
Which Potato Should I Grow

Special Offer on Patio Sets - save £2.50 per pack

‍If you find the choice too much on our site, don't worry!  We have done some leg work for you to prepare some patio sets.  

Grow a few tubers of several varieties to see what they are like. These make great presents and are ideal for beginners or people with smaller growing areas.  These can of course be grown in the ground but we have Grow bags (optional extras) for you. Each bag will take 3 tubers.

We have the Early Patio Pack with 3 tubers of each of the following (9 in total):

🥔Casablanca – Good for all uses from boiling and chipping to mash and roasting. First Early, Smooth, RHS Award of Merit
🥔Colleen – a great all rounder in the kitchen.  First Early, Waxy
🥔Sarpo Una – a lovely smooth red skin variety which can produce a lovely crop for baking.  Second Early, Smooth.

There is also the Salad Patio Pack with 3 tubers of each of the following (9 in total):

🥔Bambino – Lovely salad potatoes with a smooth light waxy texture, Second Early, Waxy, organic
🥔Charlotte – The nation’s favourite salad potato.  Second Early Waxy, organic, RHS Award of Merit – see tab
🥔Pink Fir Apple – Well known variety with long and knobbly tubers with a delicious flavour. Main Crop Waxy, non organic,  RHS Award of Merit.


🥔Tubers only – £12.30. Buy 2 patio packs only £10.80 per pack
🥔Tubers with three black grow bags – £17.45.  Buy 2 patio packs only £14.95 per pack
🥔Tubers with three burgundy grow bags – £17.45.  Buy 2 patio packs only £14.95 per pack
🥔Tubers with three green grow bags with handles – £22.60. Buy 2 patio packs only £20.10 per pack

Children's Patio Packs

Grow your own potatoes

Potato House are proud sponsors of Grow Your Own Potatoes, a project sending free seed potatoes to Primary school classes across the country. 

We have the same packs to purchase which come with educational projects and posters. Although the project has started you can still join in if you have children, grandchildren or run a youth group.  You will be a few weeks behind the main group, but they need to finish by mid June due to school holidays. You can delay harvest to correspond with the later start date. 20% of money raised from the sale of thse kits will go directly back to GYOP. 

We have two great varieties in this pack and an extra potato to do the Beneath The Soil Experiment.  
(7 tubers in total)

Growing potatoes with children is fun!

(Accessories in the picture are not included. For illustrative purposes only.)

‍🥔Tubers only – £7.90 – buy two or more for only £6.90 each – SAVE £2

🥔Tubers with two black grow bags – £10.95 – buy two or more for only £8.95 each – SAVE £4
🥔Tubers with two green grow bags with handles – £15.10 – buy two or more for only £13.40 each – SAVE £4

Sarpo Patio Packs

Sarpo Seed Potatoes
Potato House Patio Pack
All Patio Sets

Earlier in the season we had a Sarpo Variety pack with five varieties.  We have sold out of one variety but still had customers asking about the pack.  We have created this smaller pack with the four remaining varieties.

We would like to offer a special Sarpo Variety Pack – buy four packs for the price of 3.   Remember this includes postage. Pack will have four packs of 6 tubers – 24 tubers in all.

£16.80 for four bags of 6-tuber nets is an amazing way to try out some Sarpo potatoes which are all different in looks and taste.   Sarpo varieties are bred to be blight-resistant and very tasty.  As these potatoes are different maturities, you will be sufficient in potatoes for a long time!


🥔Sarpo Axona Maincrop Sarpo variety with red skin. Organic
🥔Sarpo Blue Danube Early Main crop with unique blue skin, white flesh
🥔Sarpo Mira a main crop red skinned tuber is oval in shape with pale flesh. Organic, RHS award of Garden Merit.
🥔Sarpo Una a second early multipurpose variety which can produce nice waxy salad potatoes. Organic

🥔Normal price per net is £5.60.  Price for buying four varieties £22.40.

🥔Special Offer £16.80

🥔SAVING £5.60

Our Potatoes have been in cold storage and so in perfect condition

‍I was in a well-known gardening centre last week.  They had a great selection of potatoes, but sadly they were all sprouting as they have been bagged up in December and so have been out of cold storage. They were going very soft and the shoots were long and straggly and so not great quality.  The garden centres now need the space for summer bedding plants and try to convice people to buy seed potatoes too early.  This might be a reason that some people think that growing potatoes is not for them. 

Our potatoes are in top condition for you all spring.  We keep them in cold storage and bag up close to dispatch ensuring top quality well into May. 

Charlotte is usually our top selling variety, and this year is no exception, however these other great varieties are consistantly in the top 5.

🥔Maris Peer:  A medium sized potato with good disease resistance which can be grown easily in a shady spot in the garden or container. In the kitchen cooks like its versatility of being good boiled and eaten hot or cold or even cooked as wedges.

🥔Record: Yellow fleshed mealy tuber variety. Rough yellow skin covers this often misshapen oval tuber. Welcomed by growers for its blight resistance it is favoured in the kitchen for chipping and roasting mainly but can be boiled and baked too.

🥔Java:  A strong robust Variety with excellent fungal, bacterial, virus and pest resistances. Java is an ideal variety for gardens and allotments as it is a consistently high-yielding variety with attractive long red tubers.

We don't have a motto for our family business, but if we did, this recent review would sum it up! 

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Chits Away! What will you grow in 2014?

Your Potato Team
Potato House
April 18 2024 ‍


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