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Visitor The mother figure in your life will appreciate seed potatoes 🥔

Visitor The mother figure in your life will appreciate seed potatoes 🥔
Potato House Home of Quality Seed Potatoes

Home of Quality Seed Potatoes

Hello! Visitor Mothers want something different for Mother's Day. Not all mums want bubble bath!

If you can say it with flowers you can say it with potatoes!

We are bombarded with images of mothers and some soap or bubble bath and chocolates at this time of year.  These have their place, but some mothers would much prefer getting something practical like seed potatoes!

We can deliver some seed potatoes directly to all the mother figures in your life in time for next weekend.  Or we have a certificate to download if you want it to arrive later in spring.

If you can't decide what to get, we do have gift vouchers so the lucky mum can browse through all our varieties.

P.S. Play it safe and get her favourite tipple or chocolates too!  

Spring is here!

‍It's March already!  How did that happen?  We live just north of Dundee and always get one solitary daffodil in flower for St David's Day - this year was no different.  

Wales is home to the Sarpo Potatoes range of potatoes that we proudly grow for you. These potatoes are all relatively new in the world of potatoes, each have different characteristics and taste. They have one thing in common - they are all very blight-resistant. We have a variety pack at only £20.55 for 5 varieties of 6 tubers each.  

Sarpo Seed Potatoes 

Chits Away! When to start chitting and planting?

‍We have a delayed delivery service. Our customers can order for the week of their choosing.  Most companies offer to send seed potatoes on a given month and we are proud to offer this extra flexibility at no cost.

We have customers from Cornwall to Shetland and there are huge variances in temperature and daylight.  Many people will have started to chit their potatoes but they are actually in the minority.  Some may even have planted some and are wearing shorts and t-shirts while gardening.

For the majority of the rest of us, we are beginning to think about getting going! The first week in March is the most requested week for delivery, however, some people ask for April (and of course, some ask for Jan/Feb).

One of the most asked questions we get is "When do we start to chit" and we always reply with "not too early!"  

Frost will kill seed potatoes and we will get customers who need to replace their seed potatoes. While we love the custom, we would rather educate people.   

You need to work backwards from the last frost date in your area.  This is a lot later than most think - we can get frost well into March and April and even May for some areas.  You want the shoots to appear after this.  The jigsaw is complicated, though, as the average date is given and the actual date can vary considerably and we do not have a crystal ball.

As shoots can take around 2 weeks to hit the surface, you can plant before the last frost date if you are in a sheltered spot, or can protect the emerging shoots with fleece or old sheets if frost is forecast. If the potatoes are in pots they can be moved into a shed if it is going to be frosty. 

There is also a problem that folklore suggests that we ought to plant on St Patrick's Day or Easter.  Easter can occur any Sunday between March 22 and April 25. (That's a pretty wide range!) Easter's exact date varies so much because it depends on the moon.

Easter, traditionally was the first holiday that workers had in the spring and so this was a good day to suggest gardening things were done. I suspect however that one person was shoo-ed out of the kitchen while a big family dinner was being cooked and went to the garden to get out of the way!

Easter is relatively early this year so I would suggest that it is too early for most of the country to be planting their potatoes.

And so back to the question - "when to start chitting?"  Chitting your potatoes can start any point in the next month, giving 3-4 weeks before you start planting end of March - end April and into May.

What is chitting?

  • Chitting is simply waking the seed potato up after its winter dormancy ready to grow. 

  • We suggest that for most people it is definitely a good idea to chit as it gives you a couple of weeks - that might not sound a lot, but if we have a blighty year it could mean everything if you can harvest slightly earlier.

  • Chitted seed will be ready to grow much quicker once Spring arrives and the soil warms up.

  • Chitted seed should come through the ground in about 2 weeks.

  • Remove the seed potatoes from the net as soon as you receive them (as the shoots will grow through the nets and can break if you try to remove them) and put them in an egg carton in a sunny window sill (make sure it is frost free if you are doing this in a greenhouse or shed). The shoots will start to sprout and when they are around an inch long they will be ready to plant.‍

Happy St David's Day to all our Welsh Customers
You do NOT want this

The potatoes above did not have light - the shoots are long and strangly as they have been searching for the light.  Potaotes need to be chitted in the light to ensure strong, short, coloured shoots.

Challenge your friends and relatives to a PotatoChampionChip and keep us updated on social media.

But what if I don't know what to buy?

‍Don't worry!  We are here to help you.  We have lots of advice for the whole season, from picking the right variety through to harvest - and even beyond as we have recipes for you!  This is our busiest period and you have some time to browse and order your seed potatoes.  Check out our growing guide and also our page that helps with the terminology.

Drop us a line and we can help you.  If you are new to growing potatoes, why not challenge another beginner to a PotatoChampionChip? 

Which Potato Should I Grow

We don't have a motto for our family business, but if we did, this recent review would sum it up! 

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Chits Away! 

Your Potato Team
Potato House
March 04 2024 ‍


‍PS Visitor ‍If you can say it with flowers you can say it with potatoes - get the mother figure in your life something she will appreciate this year!

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