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Visitor How to beat blight? Buy Blight Resistant Seed Potatoes 🥔

Visitor How to beat blight? Buy Blight Resistant Seed Potatoes 🥔
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Hello! Visitor Are blight resistant potatoes really a thing?  

Blight resistant seed potatoes is not just a marketing ploy we have thought up!

Blight - the curse of every potato-grower!  We get many pictures sent to us in the summer from customers asking us to confirm whether their potatoes have blight.  We are always happy to help, but not too happy when we confirm the suspicions. 

The top picture shows some of our trials where some varieties are completely destroyed by blight, yet their neighbours are absolutely fine.   We take part in many of these trials across the country.  Potato breeders and growers are a strange bunch - they want a blighty season so they can showcase their blight resistant varieties. 

All our varieties have a tab underneath the blurb giving resistance to blight and other diseases.  These numbers are obtined by official testing and so these figures along with our own trials mean that when we say blight-resistant, we really mean it and it isn't a marketing ploy. 

(please note that the word is not blight-proof and in severe cases even these varieties could succumb to blight) 

What is the optimum size for a seed potato? 

‍What is the optimum size for seed potatoes? This is one of our most frequent questions.....and the thing that we get the most complaints about. We are trialling smaller seed potatoes as we have sold out of our standard size for one variety. We would appreciate your feedback, whether you buy them or not. 

Customers’ expectations of what size a seed potato should be can be very different. Some customers like large potatoes to cut and others like the smallest possible tubers.
We have 90 different varieties in 4 different net sizes and do not do any further grading due to the work involved and the storage space in our store. If we did do further grading, the price would go up for all our customers.

🥔Seed Potatoes are generally much smaller than the eating equivalent. Unless otherwise stated, we sell our potatoes as 35mm-55mm which is the industry standard across the UK. The legal limit for UK seed potatoes is 25mm.
🥔This does not mean that the tuber is 35mmx55mm This means that when the potato is graded, it will fall through a 55mm square, but not through a 35mm square.
🥔Our 3-tuber and 6-tuber nets of potatoes are packed by number, not weight and there can be a variation on the size of the tubers in each net.
🥔Our 1kg nets are 1kg, but can also have variation in size of the tubers within that net. There is an average of 12-14 tubers in a 1kg net. But this can vary depending on variety and the harvest. The number could be as low as 8 or as high as 16. Our netting machine picks the potatoes to get the weight right.
🥔We could supply only the mid sized tubers – but then if the larger and smaller could not be sold we would need to charge double for the medium ones and this would generate huge waste. This is especially true of our rare varieties.

We are trialling selling small tubers of Charlotte 

We are selling small Charlotte Seed Potatoes. These are still over the legal limit for Seed Potatoes (25mm) and are in 450g nets to avoid confusion.  Charlotte is one of our more popular varieties and we are delighted to be able to supply these to our customers. 

These are at a reduced price and we hope that if you buy these you can provide us with some feedback after harvest.

These nets are included in our bulk buy deal - buy 5 items of any combination of 450g / 6 tuber / 1 kg / grow bags and save £1 on each item.  This rises to £10 if you buy 10 or more items
blight resistant potatoes
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