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Visitor Happy St Andrew's Day 🥔

Visitor Happy St Andrew's Day 🥔
Potato House Home of Quality Seed Potatoes

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Hello! Visitor Where would we be without the Scottish Tattie?

From Scottish breeders and varieties to modern-day technology, Scotland is home to a healthy tattie!

The maritime summer climate is cooler than many other potato growing regions allowing crops to thrive at a significantly lower risk of viral disease. These diseases are spread by aphids. Aphids are the small insects which transport the spores of viral diseases throughout potato crops, allowing infection to spread easily. The naturally cooler climate of Scotland, not only in summer months but also during the winter months of January and February, reduces and postpones the development of aphids.

It seems that the weather is good for something!

Donald McKelvie, one famous breeder was born in Lamlash on the Isle of Arran. Donald was a renowned potato breeder and the “Maris Piper” was bred from his “Arran Cairn” potato.  Arran Victory was so named for the end of the first world War.  It really does make great roasties!

Dr Jack Dunnet MBE is another famous breeder, and has a huge array of varieties to his name. such as Swift and Valor.

You may not have heard of these breeders, but it is certain you will have eaten some of their potatoes!

The James Hutton Facility near Dundee is at the forefront of modern day technology with large scale trials for blight and other disease resistance in new potato varieties.

We wish all our Scottish customers and friends a wonderful St Andrew's Day. We hope everyone enjoys a Scottish tattie or two tonight! 

Did you survive Black Friday?

I had 8 different emails in my inbox last week urging me to buy some wonderful deal or other.  Then came the onslaught of Cyber Monday.

Here at Potato House we offer great value all season long to our valued customers.  With free delivery on a WEEK that suits you in the spring, the only thing coloured that you will need are the potatoes. 

Have you tried blue and red seed potatoes? 

I will start the trend of Blue Wednesday and Red Thursday!

These are great roasted together as wedges for some lovely colour on your plates.

We are delighted to announce that have won a prestigious award.

We are thrilled to announce that Grow Your Own Potatoes (GYOP) has been voted the winner in the categories of Best Marketing Work/Best Marketing Campaign at the prestigious National Potato Awards 2023. This tremendous achievement is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our team including our co-sponsors across the industry.

GYOP sends out seed potatoes to primary schools across England, Scotland and Wales

Thanks to all the teachers who have got their pupils out in all weathers to grow some Potatoes!

Applications for GYOP 2024 are open to any primary school in England, Scotland and Wales.  Please pass to any parent or primary school teacher you know.  This wonderful project is FREE for participants and there is a huge resource back of information for the teacher and pupils.

Remember: “experience of where their food starts out is a vital ingredient in the battle to excite and engage children about their diets” Dr Aric Sigman

Which Potato Should I Grow

Our next newsletter will give some information on blight resistant varieties of seed potatoes.

Is there such a thing as blight-resistant seed potatoes or is it a marketing ploy?  Next issue of our newsletter will go into this in great detail.  A huge amount of research has been done in this area.  All our varieties have a tab which goes into disease resistance and the data is externally compiled by SASA.

The best way to beat blight?  Start with blight resistant varieties!

Potato House blight resistant potatoes

What will you grow in 2024? Our next few newsletters will help you decide. The next one will talk about blight-resistant seed potatoes.

Your Potato Team
Potato House
March 04 2024 ‍


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