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Visitor Heritage Seed Potatoes - just as your grandparents grew 🥔

Visitor Heritage Seed Potatoes - just as your grandparents grew 🥔
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Hello! Visitor What is a heritage potato?  Be quick to get your FREE NET OF POTATOES

We are renowned for our range of Heritage Seed Potatoes

These older varieties date from pre 1950 and remind us of “what a potato should taste like”. They are perhaps not as high-yielding as modern varieties but have stood the test of a time for a very simple reason - the taste.

In 2010 we decided to extend our variety list of heritage and speciality seed potato varieties which have long histories and exclusive characteristics. We have developed a specialist niche in growing and supplying a wide selection of top-quality heritage and speciality seed potatoes.

We are now market leaders in this area and are proud to say that some varieties have been brought back from obscurity.

Some people are delighted to find a potato that their grandparents used to grow, like Arran Victory and many other customers like to find unusual potatoes that are not readily available to buy in supermarkets.  Whatever the reason, we are sure that you will find a fantastic heritage variety.

We are a nation of potato lovers and potato breeders!  Many of the potatoes were bred in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and their name will have a historical meaning.  Royalty very often had a potato named after them - think Duke of York, British Queen or King Edward.  However, others such as Arran Victory, were named after places or historical events.  One of our very popular Heritage varieties Arran Victory was named on the Isle of Arran after the first World War, first marketed in 1918 and bred by Donald McKelvie. This round to oval tuber has consistently been popular with growers due to high yields and long seasons.

It makes fantastic roasties!

When you see a coloured potato you might think that they have been recently bred.  However, like most vegetables, our grandparents had a wide choice of colours and sizes to pick from.  There are of course new varieties of potatoes, but many potatoes with coloured skin or flesh, like Red Duke of York will have their origins in the last century. 


At Potato House we are committed to keeping as many heritage and speciality potato varieties alive and available to gardeners and allotment growers. Many of these rare varieties are grown only on a small scale in one field on our own farm or by another farmer.    We hope that you will give them a try - it takes no special skill to grow these beauties.


Remember our Early Potato Offer is running till the end of October. 

No need to buy heritage potatoes! This offer is available to all our seed potatoes and has been extremely popular.  Spend just £15 on any combination of 6 tuber or 1kg nets and get a free 3 tuber net of potatoes.  We will try to include a variety that is not in your order, but this will depend on availability when your order is dispatched. 

Heritage Seed Potatoes

Please pass this offer of FREE SEED POTATOES to all your gardening friends and social media groups.

Free Seed Potatoes. Potato House
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Early Potato Offer T&C spend £15 on 6 tuber/1kg nets of seed potatoes and get a free net with 3 tubers. Offer available until 31st October 2023. Usual Discounts apply. Usual web T&C apply. Variety will depend on availability. One net per order. Applied automatically.

Look at this tremendous review for Pink Fir Apple - a great heritage variety.

Pink Fir Apple. Potato House

We get a lot of reviews for our Seed Potato varieties and these are worth looking at.  These are found on the tabs under the blurb on each variety where you can also find information on disease and other things.  Please leave a review if you can remember what you grew this year.

We also have reviews for our service and so if you have not bought from us, please check these out to see what others say about us.  We use Trust Pilot, Google and Facebook - if you use any of these, we would really appreciate a review about our products and service. 

We are delighted to announce that we have been nominated for a prestigious award.

Potato House have been nominated for a prestigious award for our Grow Your Own Potatoes project which sends seed potatoes to primary schools across the UK.

We are so proud and excited about this!

Thanks to all our co-sponsors across the industry for your help and support to make this project such a success in a short space of time. Our amazing manager Sue has done incredible work and our store staff have efficiently dealt with the 1000s of parcels going everywhere from Stornoway to Cornwall.

And thanks to all the teachers who have got their pupils out in all weathers to grow some Potatoes!

Applications for GYOP 2024 are open to any primary school in England, Scotland and Wales.  Please pass to any parent or primary school teacher you know.  This wonderful project is FREE for participants and there is a huge resource back of information for the pupils.

Please see here for further information about the awards Results will be announced on 23rd November. 

Potato House Finalists for National Award

Remember: “experience of where their food starts out is a vital ingredient in the battle to excite and engage children about their diets” Dr Aric Sigman

Our next newsletter will give some information on blight resistant varieties of seed potatoes.

Is there such a thing as blight-resistant seed potatoes or is it a marketing ploy?  Next issue of our newsletter will go into this in great detail.  A huge amount of research has been done in this area.  All our varieties have a tab which goes into disease resistance and the data is externally compiled by SASA.

The best way to beat blight?  Start with blight resistant varieties!

Potato House blight resistant potatoes

Storage for your harvests‍

What will you grow in 2024? Our next few newsletters will help you decide. The next one will talk about blight-resistant seed potatoes.

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Potato House
April 30 2024 ‍


‍PS Visitor ‍Remember the free seed potato offer will expire at the end of October.  Our Prices include delivery and we will dispatch on a WEEK that suits you in the spring.

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Let us know if you have any questions at any time via email or our social media channels.  You are very welcome to post your pictures of your potatoes to our pages at any stage of growing - we really do enjoy seeing how our baby potatoes are getting on.



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