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How to Chit Potatoes

How to chit potatoes

This is a great video about how to chit potatoes by The Young Grower. He advocates a no-dig approach, however, the chitting methods are the same. His page is very informative on all aspects of veg growing. And chickens! You can’t forget the chooks!

Please be aware though that the differences in the UK in the weather are huge! Don’t be tempted to start chitting too early if you are not in the tropics of Cornwall. The potatoes will get very leggy and have no energy left by the time comes to plant. If you open your door just now to snow, it is probably too early! If you plant in April you would be chitting at the start-mid March. (Note the competition mentioned has now finished) Keep your potatoes in a cool (not frosty) dark place until you are ready.


The Potatoes that the Young Grower has grown

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