Home Made Crisps

Red Home made crisps
Suitable vaieites for Crisps are generally floury

A step up from chips! Making your own crisps at home sounds crazy, but you can experiment with different colours and seasoning giving some amazing results.

Are you going to grow these or buy them ready to eat?  We have options for the gardener and the chef alike.

Grow Shetland Black for crisps
Blue home made crisps
Red Home made crisps

Have you tried making homemade crisps? They are worth the smell in the kitchen! This homemade treat will become a favourite and taste even better if you grow the potatoes. Try some coloured potatoes for this.

We have tried various seasoning on ours - from good old salt, to some herbs, and also cajun spice. These really are great with a dip.

Slice potatoes very thinly with a mandoline - no need to peel
Rinse in water and pat dry
Fry in small batches in very hot oil for about 3 minutes
Drain and enjoy!

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