Remember: “experience of where their food starts out is a vital ingredient in the battle to excite and engage children about their diets” Dr Aric Sigman

GYOP Beneath the Soil

An easy-to-follow hands-on activity for your children to enjoy.

Beneath the Soil - experiment for your extra potato if you buy the Children's Patio Set

Beneath the soil - grow your extra seed potato and watch the potatoes form.

There are lots more resources on the GYOP page from colouring sheets to making bug hotels. Growing Potatoes with children is fun! (link will take you to an external link) 

History of Potato House - Home of Quality Seed Potatoes
Historically, the GYOP project was funded by money collected from the potato industry. Unfortunately, the source of this funding has come to an end. A team of dedicated individuals have taken the project over and are now exploring new ways to raise funds to keep it going, and in a very short time raising funds to send out 3000 kits in 2022.

We Proudly Support GYOP

We are aiming to raise more funds for next year but in the meantime we can supply the same growing kits from our website and it provides the same access to learning resources.

  • GYOP Statement from Potato House and privacy policy
  • How to Grow your Own Potatoes in bags
  • GYOP Beneath the Soil Experiment
  • More Learning Resources from GYOP (external link)
  • If you have any questions please contact Sue Lawton (click to email)
Since we launched this in February we have been asked by customers how they can support this project and if they can donate money.

Would you like to support GYOP?

As we are not a charity and neither is the GYOP project, this would be hard to administer. The easiest thing would be for you to buy a kit and donate it to a local youth group. We can even send this to the group.

Tattie Talk and Spud chatter!

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