Gift Ideas for Gardeners

Gifts for gardeners

Seed Potatoes are the perfect present for the gardener in your life!

We have the perfect gift ideas for Gardeners in your life! You can treat the gardener to a few varieties of seed potatoes that they perhaps have not heard of along with their favourites. This is the ideal time to get people to experiment with coloured potatoes or a complete unknown variety. However, if you are unsure that your recipient will like your choice we do have gift vouchers!

We can send the seed potatoes to you or your recipient on a date to suit.

If you have any children with birthdays coming up to buy gifts for, how about inspiring the next generation of gardeners and giving a few varieties to them? Kids of all ages love to discover the buried treasure and potatoes are quite an easy vegetable to grow especially if they are bright blue or red! Stick with earlies for children (and other beginners) for two reasons – they will be ready quicker so hopefully their enthusiasm will last and also blight will be unlikely in the early season.

An incredible edible present of some red seed potatoes is a sure sign of love. Send some seed potatoes and you could enjoy a meal later in the year.

Red Skin (17)

Gift notification

If you buy some potatoes but they are going to be delivered as a gift at a later date you can download this notification so your recipient still gets something on the day.

Simply fill in the details! That way they will know what to expect.  Click on pic.

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