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Free Potatoes for Schools

free potatoes for schools

Potato House is a proud sponsor of Grow Your Own Potatoes where all primary schools in the UK are invited to grow potatoes! What a fantastically simple idea – to give out free potatoes for schools to grow, but obviously there is a huge amount of admin behind the scenes and to take part each school needs to register each year. We would like to thank the wonderful people at AHDB for facilitating this initiative.

We really enjoy being part of this project and seeing how the children enjoy growing their own food and being outside. The pack arrives ready for the potatoes to chit on a window and there are detailed instructions along with competitions and recipe ideas. The dates are chosen to allow the children to harvest and cook their potatoes before the summer holidays. We are also very delighted to note that the biggest yield UK-wide in 2020 was from one of our potatoes! Read more about the competition winners here.

Listen to a podcast about GYOP – recordings from teachers, children and industry highlighting perfectly what a fantastic project GYOP is.

PS the variety was Colleen in case you are wondering!

Free Potatoes for Schools

4 thoughts on “Free Potatoes for Schools

  1. Really struggled due to covid to sign up for Grown Your own Potatoes this year. Is it too late?

    1. Hi Lynn – we do not do any of the admin, we just supply the potatoes. This closed 2 months ago however I know that registration is already open for 2022. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. How do we sign up for 2022?

    1. Hi Emma
      Registration is open for 2022. We don’t do the administration and so if you follow this link all the information will be there. Thanks

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