Christmas Gift Ideas

Perfect present for the gardener in your life!

Christmas Potatoes

We have the perfect stocking fillers for the gardener in your life! You can treat the gardener to a few varieties that they perhaps have not heard of along with their favourites. This is the ideal time to get people to experiment with coloured varieties or a complete unknown variety. We can either send them in December or in the spring. However, if you are unsure that your recipient will like your choice we do have gift vouchers!

If you have any children to buy gifts for how about inspiring the next generation of gardeners and giving a few varieties to them? Kids of all ages love to discover the buried treasure and potatoes are quite an easy vegetable to grow especially if they are bright blue or red! Stick with earlies for children (and other beginners) for two reasons – they will be ready quicker so hopefully their enthusiasm will last and also blight will be unlikely in the early season.

Family Potato Growing Competition

With Christmas hopefully getting back to normal this year instead of the traditional board games, perhaps you could invite all your relatives to have a growing competition in the spring which is a tremendously fun way to connect the generations! Who will win? Grandma with her age-old growing techniques, or the pre-schoolers as they chuck potatoes randomly into a growing bed with no rules…..or perhaps we will have a techno-teen who wins with some app which tells her exactly what to do! (does such an app exist?) Or perhaps an uncle with the secret fertiliser?

This idea is inspired by a review on our website. We can send out a net to all your family. It is up to you whether we send them out at the same time or if you give yourself a head start! Beats the monopoly board being tipped and the resulting tantrums any day (or is that just in our family?!). You can have several competitions such as best overall yield and biggest potato. And remember that if your recipient has never grown potatoes before, we have a great question page and they can also ask us anything at any point on social media.

We’d love to hear from any groups who are doing this and want to feature on our Facebook page!

Send some potatoes for eating at Christmas Time

This is a wonderful gift for someone and will last beyond Christmas Day! We do not have as many varieties available for eating as we do for seed but what we do have would make some fantastic roasties on Christmas Dinner. If you can’t be with your loved ones you can still be the centrepiece of the dinner table – perhaps with the turkey or nut roast as a side dish.

Don't forget yourself!

You can create a wish list for your friends and family to buy from. Don’t be stuck with unwanted gifts this year. If you have relatives who are asking you what you would like for Christmas you can let them know exactly what is on your Santa list!

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