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No room? Potatoes can be planted in compost bags

You don’t need fancy equipment to grow potatoes! Compost bags are ideal. Try and use a container that is dark to stop any light getting to the roots and the new tubers. Light makes the new tubers go green.

Andrew Oldham from Life on Pig row certainly didn’t complicate things when he planted his Christmas potatoes from Potato House!

You can read about his experience of planting potatoes for Christmas on his blog

Andrew’s blog shows Down to earth growing and cooking high on the Saddleworth hills. The Oldham family (Andrew, Carol and D) have created an inspiring kitchen garden which provides a wealth of rich flavours for the kitchen and larder. Their make do and mend attitude was born out of three years of recreating a Dig For Victory garden on their 1/4 acre plot. Well worth a follow!

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Growing Potatoes for Christmas

Informative article about planting for Christmas using our potatoes. 2020 was the first time we kept potatoes in cold storage for Christmas Planting and so we were very interested to see how people got on. We advised Alison Levey that the potatoes should be in pots, rather than the ground. This is due to the risk of the plant becoming frosted in the early autumn and pots could be brought indoors or to a shed to protect them.

Alison Levey blogs about her lovely garden – not just vegetables. The Blackberry Garden is not a ‘how to’ blog, the aim is to talk more about the enjoyment of gardening.

You can read about Alison’s update written after the harvest in January 2021.

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A pot of potatoes as a thoughtful Christmas Gift!

Jean Vernon from Hartely Magazine, wrote a thoughtful article about being more self-sufficient, especially during lockdown times. Planning for the entire winter not just Christmas involves planning. Late season potatoes can be done.

Jean Vernon is a garden writer with a passion for wildlife. She gardens with nature in her greenhouse and garden and writes for a number of national gardening magazines and newspapers.

Why not wrap a pot in festive wrap and deliver to your lunch destination a day or two before Christmas with a note. I can’t think of a more thoughtful festive gift; a pot of potatoes for lunch! What a talking point!

Jean Vernon
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Arran Victory as the centrepiece of our Christmas Dinner

…although we usually have turkey or beef as a side dish!

Our Christmas always revolves around family, and lots of good food and wine, and we are lucky that we have great experimental chefs in the extended family! No two Christmas dinners are ever the same. Christmas presents opening with a glass of fizz is the best feeling all year and then some lovely wines and finishing off with some of my mother’s home made sloe gin… I am looking forward to it already!

Amy Skea

Nick Moyles from Two Thirsty Gardeners did a great Q&A with us about the things to watch out for with late season potato planting. Always looking to the end result and the meal the planning starts with the potatoes and figuring out the wine! Their blog page is a great read with product sampling thrown in. Some lovely small breweries are mentioned – they’d go perfect with some home-made crisps! Follow them for Digging and swigging through the seasons!