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Potato House Awarded the best Seed Potato Supplier 2021

Best Seed Potato Supplier 2021

We are all delighted to be the Best Seed Potato Supplier 2021

Potato House Seed Potatoes - Best seed Potato Supplier 2010We are absolutely thrilled to be recognised as the best Seed Potato Supplier for 2021 by SME news.   

The SME Awards brought to you by SME News celebrate the success stories of one of the most important sectors in the UK economy. At the start of 2017 small businesses alone accounted for 99.3% of all private sector businesses, making the sector the beating heart of the UK economy.

The seed potato industry is not as cut throat as some and there is collaboration to bring new varieties to the fore, as well as behind the scenes working towards classification, inspection and other points.  Our industry has suffered greatly from Brexit and we are still unable to sell to EU and Northern Ireland (a part of UK) this is the case for our small domestic orders as well as our large scale orders.  Almost a year after this devastating news we are still getting calls from our previous customers in EU/NI.   To say that the seed potato industry needs a boost is an understatement!   We are proud and delighted to accept this award on behalf of all our colleagues across the industry – that may sound cliche, but without the drive and commitment from all, we would not have quality seed potatoes in this country.

We are incredibly proud of our range, which is one of the largest in the UK, our standard of service and our staff.   To be recognised as the best Seed Potato Supplier for 2021 as the harvest is in full swing is perfect timing – we are looking forward to 2022.

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