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Arran Victory as the centrepiece of our Christmas Dinner

Potato House seed Potatoes

…although we usually have turkey or beef as a side dish!

Our Christmas always revolves around family, and lots of good food and wine, and we are lucky that we have great experimental chefs in the extended family! No two Christmas dinners are ever the same. Christmas presents opening with a glass of fizz is the best feeling all year and then some lovely wines and finishing off with some of my mother’s home made sloe gin… I am looking forward to it already!

Amy Skea

Nick Moyles from Two Thirsty Gardeners did a great Q&A with us about the things to watch out for with late season potato planting. Always looking to the end result and the meal the planning starts with the potatoes and figuring out the wine! Their blog page is a great read with product sampling thrown in. Some lovely small breweries are mentioned – they’d go perfect with some home-made crisps! Follow them for Digging and swigging through the seasons!

Grow your own Arran Victory for your roast potatotes for Christmas

Late Season Planting. Seed Potatoes for Christmas Harvest
More information about Planting for Christmas

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