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Results of Alyth Potato Champion Chips

Alyth Championchips

In May, Potato House handed out over 200 nets to children in two local villages for the inaugural Alyth Tattie ChampionChips! The nets contained 1 each of Colleen, Arran Victory and Pink Gypsy. There was a huge buzz around the facebook page as the youngsters planted, grew and ate their crop. The much anticipated Results of Alyth Potato Champion Chips are here! Prizes were donated by the local Chippie for the best yield for each variety, the best overall yield, the biggest tattie, the best up-cycled container, the weirdest looking tattie, the best pic of beastie or flower and the best-cooked dish (judging was done virtually).

We had some fabulous entries for the container – from an old pair of boots to “bags for life ” from supermarkets. Some people had made their own containers. The pictures of the flowers and beasties were really amazing – the judge had a hard job there and the cooked dishes all looked so tasty.

We really enjoyed this fun competition! Arm could well be twisted to do it in 2021! We do enjoy seeing kids outside getting grubby and learning about growing. This year has been tough for all but especially tough on youngsters – we hope that this long-term project gave them something to focus on.

Congratulations to all the winners and also a huge thank you to all who took part as well as the Alyth judges, Marian Bruce from Highland Boundary and Marcello Franceschi from Alyth Fish and Chip Shop who also donated the prizes and George Annan from Alyth Youth Partnership and Coupar Angus Market Garden who helped with the distribution.

Results of Alyth Potato Champion Chips - Some of the entries

Why not try these varieties with your children?

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