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Alyth Tattie Champion Chips!

Alyth Championchips

In 2020 we supplied 250 local children with nets with 3 tubers, one each of Arran Victory, Colleen and Pink Gypsy for the inaugural Alyth Tattie Champion Chips and Coupar Angus Tattie Champion Chips. The dedicated Facebook page was buzzing with pictures of children planting, taking care of, harvesting and eating their crop. With 9 prizes up for grabs such as best yield for each crop, best overall yield, funniest looking potato and best photo of a flower, donated by the local chippie, The Alyth Fish And Chip Shop the kids really had a good project for lockdown. This article is from the Blairgowrie Advertiser.

Alyth Tattie Champion Chips
Potato House local initiaves


Why not grow these potatoes with your children?

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